AKPF web-site will continue with emphasis on needs of officials in charge of air pollution abatement.

In view of social and legal developments the former informal task force or working group called AKPF had to be transformed into a legal person, which is now called VERT-Association or VERT-Verein; this association is registered as a non profit organisation in Switzerland (Trade Registry: Kanton Aargau, No.: CH-400.6.03438-9). For more information on VERT Association see www.vert-dpf.eu and www.vert-certification.eu.

The accomplishments of AKPF are numerous, as outlined in the about AKPF page (update is forthcoming).

Watch a movie about particulate pollution and particulate filter technology:
Search the unique AKPF database of diesel particulate filter retrofit installations on construction vehicles and machinery in Switzerland.

What’s New

27 December 2011: The new data base for retrofit with VERT listed DPF (8 400 entries in 6 languages) is available on vert-certification.eu (free registration required).

24 October 2011: Tougher Low Emission Zone standards in London become effective from January 2012 (English | German).

17 October 2011: European Low Emission Zones Alert Bulletin.

19 July 2011: A summary of VERT Achievements.

23 April 2011: Austrian Medical Society (Aerztekammer) requests number counting criterion of ultrafine particles in engine exhaust and demands no relaxation of flexibility rule in EU Directive 98/67/EC for Non Road Mobile Machinery (in German).

21 March 2011: VERT Anlage XXVII (in German).

2 March 2011: “Deception of EU-Parliament?”, by Dr. F.J. Legerer.

1 March 2011: Important information from DieselNet Update, February 2011: The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has released a new report titled “Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone”. Among measures to reduce black carbon emissions, the assessment identifies the diesel particulate filter technology and endorses retrofits of existing diesel engines with particulate filters. The report references diesel retrofit programs in Santiago, New York and London.

Note: Santiago has become reality thanks to Dr Mayer and Mr Grossmann being retained as experts by the Swiss government and their backing and enduring support of AKPF-members, the predecessor of VERT-association.